Is it spring yet??

I finally think we are done with all the snow and yuck for this year!!  I have been able to slow down a little and clean up my studio after my last huge group orders for the season.  What a mess!!  I seem to work like a mad scientist, tossing supplies here and there, pattern pieces falling off the table and losing many pairs of scissors.  I literally "found" 4 pairs of scissors that I kept thinking couldn't have possibly walked away.  

Any-whoo, thanks to spring cleaning I have a lot to get rid sure to check out my Etsy store to reap the benefits!!  I will be putting up a lot of sample costumes that I have tweaked from what I created for customers, these are one of a kind creations and they are ready to ship!!  As always, anything you see on the Etsy store can be customized and made just for you if you liked a sample but wanted different colors etx.  I also have some extra supplies...Happy Spring!