Adults Skate Too!

This month I had the great honor of creating a dress for one of my Starlight teammates!  Adults skate too, and a lot of times the costumes that are commercially available are not made for grown up curves.  Erin has started to compete in solo dance and we created this blue beauty to help her feel confident returning to the ice.  The neckline has over 4 gross of Swarovski crystals including my favorite shape the Starlet.  So sparkly!  

Dr. Erin taking a break from fixing feet to try on her custom moonbaby costume!

Dr. Erin taking a break from fixing feet to try on her custom moonbaby costume!

Creative Edge Synchro Dresses

Synchro season is in full swing!  I am personally in a cast and might not get to finish up with my Starlights Adult Synchro team.  So I have plenty of time to sit on the couch and update my blog :p

I created costumes for two teams out of Michigan.  One team had a Rio theme and the other team was Disco Divas.  I even got to make a couple boy costumes which I don't get to do very often!    

Good luck to Creative Edge and all the synchro teams as the competition season gets going!!!

xo jen 

What happened to Blogging?

Between moving and planning a wedding and a whole lot of other exciting things, I forgot about the Blog I was going to try to update more often than once a year :p

The fall costume season is about to get underway...after I finally go on my Honeymoon!  With three synchro teams on the books and loads of solos to make, I hope to be better about Blogging and letting you in on some sewing secrets and rhinestoning tips!

Check back in September!  xoxo jen

Is it spring yet??

I finally think we are done with all the snow and yuck for this year!!  I have been able to slow down a little and clean up my studio after my last huge group orders for the season.  What a mess!!  I seem to work like a mad scientist, tossing supplies here and there, pattern pieces falling off the table and losing many pairs of scissors.  I literally "found" 4 pairs of scissors that I kept thinking couldn't have possibly walked away.  

Any-whoo, thanks to spring cleaning I have a lot to get rid sure to check out my Etsy store to reap the benefits!!  I will be putting up a lot of sample costumes that I have tweaked from what I created for customers, these are one of a kind creations and they are ready to ship!!  As always, anything you see on the Etsy store can be customized and made just for you if you liked a sample but wanted different colors etx.  I also have some extra supplies...Happy Spring!

New look, new season, new adventures! say this costume season has been worse than a trip on the Demon at Six Flags would be an understatement. was time for some new rules and a brand new look!  For the brand not so much myself lol.  Take some time to check out our new website and check out the moonbabysk8designs store on  My focus will mostly be on web orders and growing my online brand, however that isn't to say I won't be taking on any local clients.  

I wanted to add this Blog page because sometimes when I don't know what the heck I am doing or how I am going to create something I Google it...obviously!  But unfortunately a lot of designers like to keep very guarded trade secrets.  Boo.  It's not like there can't be a community effort to help each other out, does it?  I don't think so...there is more than enough work to go around so I say "Self?"  (I often talk to myself in my sewing room) "Why don't we start a blog and maybe Vlog this year to show people how we do things?"  Rhinestoning, elasticizing, crying, laughing, designing...I hope to show it all for the 2015/16 season.  Hopefully you will laugh along with me and learn a thing or two!  So keep posted and check back often ;)